Veteran Greensboro News & Record reporter Taft Wireback covers the controversy (if you will) surrounding a supposed complaint to the Federal Election Commission by the state Republican Party against 13th District Congressional District candidate Kathy Manning, who is running against incumbent Rep. Ted Budd.

Wireback is very thorough in his reporting, as he usually is, but here’s the gist:

With some fanfare Sept. 5, state GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse put out the word that he was lodging a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Manning’s campaign in the state’s 13th Congressional District for allegedly coordinating improperly with the Swing Left political action committee.

But the FEC said Tuesday that it has yet to receive any such complaint. There’s no immediate deadline, so the protest could be resubmitted.

Manning and Swing Left say that the whole thing is a publicity stunt, “just one of those nasty political games that we expect to happen,” as Manning put it. There’s the possibility that the complaint is working its way through FEC red tape, although the commission told the N&R it has yet to receive any such complaint. And there is no deadline, so the protest could be refiled, Wireback reports.

All I know is political candidates in both parties are clever about laundering money from PACs so they can say they don’t take money from PACs.