Apparently Rep. Dale Folwell was the puppeteer in the effort to pull the sale of Bowman Gray Stadium to Winston-Salem State University, but fellow Forsyth Rep. Debra Conrad says:

Although the county’s legislative delegation had been behind the sale, Conrad said the calls she has been getting convince her that the issue should now be punted to next year’s “short session” of the legislature.

“”If there are details that have not been thoroughly discussed, we need to get the racing people and everybody in one room,” Conrad said. “I have constantly told them (university officials) that there still seem to be some issues with racing. I am still getting calls. It seems to be that the best course is to slow down and worry about it in the short session.”

Mind you this is a Peter-pays Paul deal, so I’m not jacked around either way. Seems like they would get these details worked out. I know they’re many out there who would see this as more evidence of this legislature interfering in local affairs. But this deal had to go through Raleigh anyway, so I’ll just chalk it up to government sausage-making at its best.