Eric Owens of The Daily Caller peruses some interesting survey results involving public school teachers.

The American Federation of Teachers pays its chief executive $360,000 each year and spent $19,499,848 in membership dues to influence elections in 2014 alone. However, a just-released national survey shows rank-and-file members are deeply unhappy — with stress levels, working conditions, government insistence that students learn more and much else.

The union has responded to the gloom among its constituents by asking the federal government to intervene with a formal study of how difficult and hazardous it is to be a schoolteacher.

The survey of over 30,000 teachers and school administrators was released on Tuesday by the American Federation of Teachers and a group called the Badass Teachers, according to a press release sent to The Daily Caller.

The dire results show that just one in five of the teachers and administrators who completed the 80-question survey believe government officials and members of the media sufficiently respect them.

Almost 95 percent of teachers say they “often” or “sometimes” find teaching stressful. (The “often” figure is 70 percent.) Almost 80 percent say they feel emotionally and physically exhausted at the end of their workdays — which make up approximately 75 percent of each year. …

… Union officials say the voluntary, online survey conducted during the last third of April shows the need for “a scientific study” conducted at taxpayer expense by the Department of Education.