With France, Portugal, Germany, and Italy in the World Cup
Semifinals – it seems that “the world” is again being defined as
“Europe” as lefties here are wont to do. Imagine if the World Baseball
Classic had teams from 14 U.S. states in the field of 32. Yes, Cuba
would probably still win, but there would be a much better chance to
have 4 U.S. teams in the semifinals. Europe has 46 countries. Make the
EU 22 compete as a single entity then you realize that there are about
three “countries” in the world that care about soccer — EU, Brazil and

The whole debate over soccer and America’s apathy
toward the professional/world level of the sport reminds me of the
Supreme Court’s consideration of world opinion, i.e., very selective.
European countries may have rejected the death penalty (as have many
U.S. states) but Japan still hangs people.

Just because Europeans
have a greater number of voices, doesn’t mean their voice is greater.
There’s a reason we ignore the UN General Assembly and, when necessary,
the Security Council. Just ask Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose about how to deal with freeloaders and those who would impose European tastes on America.