Professor Robert Weissberg of the University of Illinois writes here about the way Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have largely taken over American campuses. This aggressive band of people (students and faculty members) know that few administrators dare to say “no” to them due to tribal leftist, cowardice, or both.

Here’s a quote that will make you want to read the whole piece: “These presumptuous, self-centered warriors think that if they think something is good, it must be good. For example, they glibly assume that academically challenged black and Chicano youngsters really benefit by attending schools that would never admit them in a merit-based admission process. Have these do-gooders considered the downside of this generosity — schools will fake the numbers by creating easy-to-pass courses in dubious ethnic-studies departments, steering them to easy grading instructors or just tolerating rampant grade inflation?”

An important consequence of the “success” of SJW demands is that college expenses continue to rise to pay for courses that only benefit a few vocal students and faculty members.