I’ve heard from a variety of sources that recreational industries run countercyclically to the rest of the economy. So, it is sad, but no surprise, that government is all about spending on parks and recreation these days. It has been said that when funds are tight and one cannot buy a new car, she might buy a Dollar Store tube of lipstick just to add some spice to the monotony. Likewise, when the bridge is crumbling, we can at least spiff up the rec centers.

Sort of on the subject, the Village of Flat Rock wanted to build a recreational center, but bids came in $100,000 overbudget. Some of the cost, of course, is for compliance with government regulations. To help make up the difference, the Flat Rock Park and Recreation Foundation will apply for grants from state government.

We could add that when people are earning taxable income, they are not, as a general rule, playing in the parks. Hey, no new parks until you all get back to work.