Last night, while reading the headlines, I suppose I had a fit of narcolepsy. I was going to post a blurb on four articles that made no sense. I wrote the first paragraph, and didn’t wake up again until 7:00 this morning.

One article pertained to the state’s budgetary woes and the need to extend unemployment benefits. I am absolutely sick of the prevailing notion that government is in charge of the economy, and government can make us prosperous or paupers by passing taxpayer debt around.

Another had to do with hiring ninety new bureaucrats to administer school programs while the state has to lay off teachers. As I said before, the state has to threaten to lay off teachers, because the public doesn’t value the activities of other state employees enough to care. What would the public reaction be to laying off smokeys, enforcers of hairbraiding or flower arranging licensure, those with corporate welfare oversight, tax collectors, education lottery executives, or people in the Cultural Resources department?

A third pertained to the airport gropings. The article reminded us how safe it was to be violated by strangers. I was wondering if children had to be searched, too; and if people who have ever been TSA agents might have to wear permanent scars requiring them to register their residences and banning them from public parks. Even when I take my aluminum cap off, the combination of TSA harassment and aviation industry regulation still looks like an evil plot to regulate and siphon away business from the airlines to force them into an agreement to be nationalized.

The last had to do with earmarks that were super-duper – for mannequins for mission hospital, a pittance toward the North Shore Road settlement, extension of a daffy school program to turn evil, candy-eating children into hot and sexy babes and dudes. I think it was the Congressman’s comment about how earmarks are really great that put me to sleep.