Because I don’t see it. Not at all.

Nearly 30 people were arrested in Durham on Thursday while protesting for fast-food companies to raise worker pay.

The protesters, who walked off their jobs as part of a national protest, sat in middle of West Morgan Street before blocking the intersection of Rigsbee Avenue and Morgan Street, Durham police said. The group then marched to Morgan and West Main streets, where they again blocked traffic.

What I see is a vicious agitprop campaign taking full advantage of minimum wage workers’ ignorance, filling them full of false hopes, using them as props, reaping all the benefits of media coverage and a higher political profile (which presumably attracts more donations — arguably a second layer of exploitation), then discarding them.

It’s cruel, it’s exploitative, and it’s immoral.

So where is the self-appointed, media-coddled voice for “morality” and supposed advocate for the poor? Right there egging them onof course.