Also at Tuesday’s Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting was an impassioned request by a frazzled Assistant County Manager for Health and Human Services Mandy Stone. She had to come to the commissioners – again – to request more money: $119,925 this time. The state is in trouble with the federal government for not processing the boatloads of paperwork required by Obamacare in time. Complications remain unraveled from bumpy implementations of the NC FAST computer system and the infamously bugged Obamacare programs. Stone said it is not uncommon for many in her department to be pulling 24-hour shifts. This is not good when one is trying to help society’s most needy and vulnerable, not to misdiagnose problems, and prevent fraud. I can’t imagine trying to process reams of bureaucratic forms after a number of back-to-back 24-hour shifts and still trying to make sure an escalating number of desperate schizophrenics get to a better place.