Funny, my goings on here in G’boro take me down South Elm across Lee Street just about every day, so wondered for quite some time when the planned redevelopment would begin. Now I know:

The city Redevelopment Commission is looking for a master developer who would like to turn the seven-acre site into a mix of retail, office space and housing.

It’s the last phase of the $11 million redevelopment project, which began in 2006 with participation from neighbors of the surrounding communities.

The commission hopes it will be a new model by which other redevelopment projects are measured.

“It really has to be about community,” said Jerry Leimenstoll, chairman of the City Council-appointed redevelopment commission. “I can’t stress that enough. That is why we exist.”

Project Web site states the city’s “proactive commitment to the responsible renewal of South Elm Street’s ecological, social and economic balance.”

I totally agree that South Elm needs something to happen, and I don’t necessarily disagree that maybe gov’t needs to give it a little kick start. But as you can imagine, the group-think- social engineering lingo bugs me. It’s typical of city government, and it’s a big reason why municipalities around the country are facing bankruptcy.