Alexander Hall writes for about the latest controversy involving a long-running television show.

Clips from a TV special of the show “South Park” went viral online Friday for mocking Disney CEO Bob Iger, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and the Disney Company’s widely criticized pandering to liberal politics.

In recent years, Disney has faced a series of challenges ranging from accusations from conservatives that the company is pushing a liberal agenda to a number of their movies either underperforming or failing at the box office. 

Some of their new films, such as “The Little Mermaid” (2023) and the upcoming “Snow White” featuring Rachel Zegler, have faced backlash for pandering to diversity politics. Lucasfilm’s productions under Kennedy have also alienated many long-term fans.

South Park summarized that the episode focuses on the character Eric Cartman, who “has a nightmare that all of his friends have been replaced by a diverse group of women who express their grievances about the patriarchy.”

Multiple clips from the episode went viral across X, formerly known as Twitter, including one where Cartman described his nightmare to a psychiatrist about kids at school being replaced, saying, “I wanna scream and I’m like, ‘Why are they replacing every single character with someone who is diverse? But then Kenny’s like, ‘It’s not our fault it’s ‘cause of Kathleen Kennedy,’ but then Kathleen Kennedy’s just like, ‘F— it, make it more lame!’”

Cartman later described how in his dream, “Disney stock just keeps going down and down and down and then Bob Iger is all like, ‘No! No! What’s going on with my stocks?'”

Multiple social media users were tickled by the clips and storyline. 

“Timcast” co-host Luke Rudkowski shared a clip from Cartman’s nightmare and credited the series, saying, “South Park out did themselves again.”

He also shared a clip of Cartman’s friends expressing their concern that Cartman, a fellow White child, has been suddenly replaced by an adult Black woman, whereby the principal berates them, saying, “If you boys don’t think Eric can be a Black woman then maybe the problem is you.” …