You can read more about this (and please do!) from Michelle Malkin‘s discussion, but let me cut to the chase. “South Park” has announced its intent to depict on its show, next week, a *gasp* cartoon depiction of Mohammed. This is shortly after having an episode yanked for offending the batty Tom Cruise’s religion, Scientology.

A clip of last night’s show is available from The Political Pit Bull. In it the townspeople discuss how they are going to avoid Islamic terrorists’ wrath for “The Family Guy” showing a cartoon Mohammed. A professor ? perhaps inspired by academics at Century College, the University of Illinois, or by UNC-Chapel Hill‘s vice chancellor for student affairs Margaret Jablonski and associate provost for diversity and multicultural affairs Archie Ervin ? offers his solution. It’s worth quoting directly:

Mayor: I believe that Professor Thomas from the university has come up with a solution.

Professor: Thank you, Mayor. Now look, everyone: Muslim terrorist and extremists are threatening us for what “Family Guy” is going to do because they’ve wrongly grouped us together. Our only hope is to make the Muslim extremists know that we had no part in the Mohammed episode. That even though the episode aired, we didn’t watch it, we didn’t hear it, and we didn’t talk about it.

Audience member: So how do we do that?

Professor: We bury our heads. In sand. (Pauses for dramatic effect, then goes to a blackboard to finish the presentation.) We take 20 to 25 dump trucks, fill them with sand from Monarch Lake, and then dump the sand along South Park Avenue. By using approximately 18 dozen shovels, we can each dig a hole in the sand, stick our heads in the holes, and then have the person to our left bury them. If we can manage to get every person’s head buried deep, deep in sand before the Mohammed episode airs, we can avoid looking like we’re responsible for any of this at all.