Representative Tim Moore is one the candidates for Speaker of the N.C. House.  I have not examined the education policy priorities of the other folks vying for the position, but I think they would have a difficult time topping Rep. Moore.

In a pamphlet distributed to members of the House, Moore said,

North Carolina is home to some of the best and most successful educational institutions in the country.  Our educators and our students are the brightest lights on tomorrow’s horizon. They need our help and support to succeed as they know best. They do not need the meddling of interest groups who are more concerned to protect their turf rather than to fulfill the promise of students who have an inherent right to be taught the best curricula, by the best teachers, under the most fair and rigorous standards.

I encourage members to consider and build consensus around policies that increase education choices for all our citizens, that give parents the freedom to choose a better future for their children, and to ensure that education dollars, as nearly as possible, follow the wishes of parents and children, not of social architects and interest groups with an agenda to maintain a status quo that has outlived its usefulness. Our students and our parents deserve better. North Carolina deserves better. We saw in this last election cycle how the Left will attempt to distort the good policies we have enacted and we must message our points and define the debate even more clearly to deal with that as we work for further reforms.

Teacher quality? Check.

Rigorous curriculum and standards? Check.

School choice? Check.

Money follows the child?  Check.

Better messaging on education issues? BIG check.

A happy Terry?  Check.


HT: Daily Haymaker