This list shows again how the legislature gives away money when times are good ? and businesses are expanding.

1998 ? Fed Ex ? tax incentives for interstate air couriers
1999 ? DuPont ? tax credit for technology commercialization (never used)
1999 ? Nucor ? tax credit for major recycling facilities
1999 ? RJR ?tax credit for manufacturing cigarettes for exportation while increasing employment and utilizing State Ports
2003 ? Merck ? Site Infrastructure Development Fund (not yet used)
2004 ? Dell ? tax credit for major computer manufacturing facilities
2006 ? Google ? sales tax exemptions for eligible Internet datacenters
2007 ? Norfolk Southern ? tax credit for constructing a railroad intermodal facility
2007 ? HondaJet and suppliers ? sales tax refund for aircraft part manufacturers
2007 ? Goodyear ? Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund

Only two (Merck and Goodyear) involve direct cash payments from the state, the other seven are tax credits or exemptions.

UPDATE: expanded to include HondaJet-related incentives