Elizabeth Stauffer of the Washington Examiner has a question for intelligence officials who helped bury the story of Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop computer.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper offered a stunning excuse last week for his role in coordinating a letter that discredited the Hunter Biden laptop story as having “all the hallmarks” of a Russian disinformation campaign. His attempted deflection is almost certainly due to increased scrutiny from a Republican-led House that’s determined to hold him accountable.

“There was message distortion. All we were doing was raising a yellow flag that this could be Russian disinformation,” Clapper told Washington Post “fact checker” Glenn Kessler last week. “Politico deliberately distorted what we said. It was clear in paragraph five.”

Clapper’s attempts to blame Politico for “misrepresenting” the concerns laid out by dozens of intelligence officials about a potential link between Biden’s laptop and Russia just won’t do — especially as evidence of links between President Joe Biden and his family’s overseas influence peddling scheme grows.

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, has examined the money trail between Chinese-controlled companies and the Biden family. He literally wrote the book on these dealings. In a weekend interview on Fox News, Schweizer discussed the mounting evidence in the case linking Joe Biden to some of these deals. And he has a question that each of the 51 retired intelligence community leaders who signed the infamous Hunter Biden letter should answer under oath: “Does [the Biden influence-peddling scheme] not have the hallmark of a Chinese intelligence operation?”

If they answered this question honestly, he concluded, they would be forced to admit that it does.

“The evidence continues to mount,” Schweizer said. “When it comes to China, for example, you had three Chinese businessmen that funneled tens of millions of dollars to [the Bidens]. Each one of those three — [Chinese business mogul] Che Feng, [president and CEO of Harvest Capital Management] Henry Zhao, and Chairman Ye [Jianming, founder and former chairman of CEFC China Energy Company] — all had direct, abiding, and deep ties to Chinese intelligence when they were arranging these deals for the Bidens. And that’s not me saying that; that’s according to Hong Kong corporate records.