2013 has been a busy year for State Auditor Beth Woods.  First it was illegal payments to NCCU IT Director, then Medicaid waste, then it was DHHS overtime payments, then large questionable expenses in Princeville, next it was IT cost overruns  And back in 2010, the State Treasurer was called on the mat for major reporting errors.

She’s been busy again this week and it looks like the State Treasurer is on the hot seat again.

Auditor Beth Woods released a new audit today where she looked at the Retirement Systems Division, the Unclaimed Property and Escheats Division and the State Health Plan under the State Treasurer’s office and found –

1. deficiencies in internal control and/or other matters that are considered reportable under Government Auditing Standards.

2. not adequately ensuring disability benefits are reduced when recipients receive additional earnings or other benefits,

3. not adequately safeguarding assets received in the unclaimed property program,

4. unclear health plan contract terms that increase the risk of the State being charged additional service fees.

The Auditor made recommendations to fix these problems. The State Treasurer’s response?  She agrees with the recommendations and explains what she intends to do to correct these problems.

The complete audit is here.