SHIFT NC, which seeks to “improve adolescent and young adult sexual health,” will receive an additional $59,400 in federal funds from the N.C. State Board of Education. Combined with the $211,600 contract awarded in 2016, the total received for this contract is $271,000.

The description of the amendment to the 2016 contract was included in materials for the March meeting of the board.  According to the executed contracts report, the purpose of the grant is

To provide assistance with implementation of professional development and services, including Expand the Playbook to additional districts, which is a social marketing campaign to increase awareness of services in the local community[;] Provide professional development on “How to Be an Ally” to districts to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender questioning (LGBTQ) students [; and] Provide training on “Supporting Transgender Students: A Primer for Administrators: [sic]

Amendment #1: To add assistance with implementation of professional development and services. Professional Development for adults on HIV/STD prevention related topics.

The Playbook, billed as a “guide to safer, sexier choices,” is a “social marketing campaign to connect sexually active 18-19-year-olds to clinical services,” which includes Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, and Tricare.