I continue to have anxiety attacks as tax day approaches. Even so, there are so many much needier in our community, like the kids who, in the words of Betty Jackson, would be “fat, dumb, and friendless” without a world-class aquatic center, and the poor executives at GE who need tax dollars to create jobs for rich people. Then, we have all the folks with addictions, and the fatherless children of teen moms. We really should rather expand Medicaid than leave the innocents in the hands of stoned and impoverished guardianship – Except we have the same problem here as we have in Sub-Saharan Africa. There, diverting contributions to kings, cronies, and bureaucracies (a.k.a. thin air) is referred to as kleptocracy. If you please, kindly consider checking out at least the headline of this short article, and, after carefully reinserting your eyeballs, see if it doesn’t just make you want to pay Shared Responsibility down to the raw bone and, on a national level, emulate the Greek economy.