Rachel Lu previews for National Review Online readers a likely element of a fall campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Unless Trump can be stopped, the 2016 election is likely to go down in history as a grotesque Punch and Judy show. Prepare your pan pipes and kazoos.

That performance is sure to extend into an extended airing of gender grievances, regardless of what happens in November. Either a President Trump or a President Hillary Clinton would be a sure ticket to a four-year-long national chat about gender. Were you irked by the War on Women meme? Do you roll your eyes at the parade of pink ribbons, hats, and football cleats each October during Breast Cancer Awareness month? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps you’ve heard that she’s running for president — but that’s not quite it. She’s running to be America’s First Female President. The title matters far more than the job.

Already the usual ghoulish figures (Gloria Steinem, Cecile Richards) have been dispatched to browbeat their compatriots into getting it done for the Sisterhood. These Golden Girl cheerleaders may be hard to take seriously, but they’re zealous for a reason: If she succeeds, Clinton will stand uncontested as the most powerful and influential woman in the history of these United States. …

… Then there is Trump. Ironically, his reputation for tweaking PC pieties may offer a smidgeon of cover for his repulsive attitudes towards women. He’s even persuaded some pundits that he isn’t so much a misogynist as a crass opportunist. Don’t believe it. He is both.