North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein met with the N&R editorial board yesterday. A couple of interesting points— Stein said no progress yet on his bipartisan effort with Sen. Phil Berger to lobby the U.S. Justice Department to to require the huge plant’s owner, InBev, to sell it as a condition of the international giant’s merger with fellow beer maker Anheuser-Busch.

According to the N&R:

Gov. Roy Cooper made a similar request of the federal government last fall when he held Stein’s office — before the gubernatorial election — but the Justice Department under the Obama Administration did not agree.

“We weren’t successful,” said Stein, a former member of the state Senate. “But now there’s a new administration and a new attorney general.”

Wow—a Democrat actually admitting that it might be a good thing that there’s a ‘new sheriff in town,’ to coin the phrase. Other “hot button issues’: Stein said President Trump’s latest travel ban, Stein said the president “continues to demonstrate that this really is about anti-Muslim sentiment.” And on the so-called “Sanctuary Cities” bill moving through the state House of Representatives, Stein said—according to the N&R— “his office was ill-equipped to supervise the sort of investigation the bill envisions being completed within three-and-a-half months, with millions of dollars in tax revenue at risk for a city or county that the attorney general deems out of compliance.”