A federal court ruled
that the government, for their steroid investigation, can have access
to the urine samples of major league baseball players.  I haven’t
seen the opinion–it could be perfectly fine.  However, given that
the collective bargaining agreement (at the time) between the players
and the league was supposed to protect players’ privacy and keep the
results anonymous, this decision could be problematic.

Steroid testing in baseball isn’t anonymous anymore, but those
samples were supposed to be anonymous.  One of the few legitimate
arguments against steroid testing is the possibility that the samples
will be used for other purposes and violate players’ privacy.  Now
players can point to this case as evidence to support the privacy

I’m not defending the union or the players, but the
impact of this decision may not be as beneficial for baseball as many
will probably make it out to be.  There also certainly could be an
impact on employees in all types of workplaces.