Colin Wilhelm of the Washington Examiner highlights the latest developments in Steve Moore’s bid to join the Federal Reserve board.

Conservative economic commentator and political activist Stephen Moore faces a tough battle for confirmation to the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors due in part to controversies around his past writings about women, a debt related to a tax dispute with the IRS, and revelations from a contentious divorce.

Moore, a fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, says he still has the support of President Trump and plans to pursue nomination to the Fed, despite what he calls “a smear campaign” of negative coverage and signs that Republican senators are hesitant to support him. …

Washington Examiner : What do you hope to bring to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors that isn’t present?

Stephen Moore: One of the problems I’ve had with the Fed over the last several years, if not several decades, has been that the economists over at the Fed seem to think that too much economic growth and too much wage increases for workers causes inflation, and I just don’t think that’s true.

I just don’t think that’s true, I think that the economy can grow at a brisk pace of 3, 4, 5%. And that that actually will reduce inflation when you have more growth and output and that pushing up wages for workers is a beneficial thing, not something that should be attacked.