In recent days, you might have wondered: What’s the next 9/11? Al Gore has an idea, according to Newsweek.

All told, Hurricane Irene killed 43 people in the United States, and estimates of the damage range up to $20 billion.

That’s just a little taste of things to come. Whatever the cause—greenhouse gases, natural warming, or both—-rising temperatures and sea levels already are breeding bigger, more intense hurricanes and more dangerous storm surges. Former vice president Al Gore, the teller of so many inconvenient truths about climate change, says it is “absolutely” a national-security issue. “We can expect continued increases in the frequency and severity of extreme floods, droughts, wildfires, storms and other events,” he says. “We need to begin the process now of preparing for the disasters that are to come.”

No wonder the former vice president gets apopleptic when most people refuse to follow him into climate alarmist land. Roy Cordato recently discussed Gore’s distress for Carolina Journal Radio/