From Report of the Commission for the Study of Teacher Merit Pay and Implementation of a Revised Public School Curriculum (1960)


  1. Make teachers salaries competitive with salaries in other states.
  2. Provide funds so that the State Board of Education can reduce class size and provide for librarians, guidance counselors, nonteaching principals, special education teachers, teachers for gifted students, etc.
  3. Provide adequate funds for clerical help and teachers’ aides for teachers and principals.
  4. Provide for adequate professional leadership by making professional salaries on the State level competitive with salaries in the University system and by providing adequately for local school administrative and supervisory positions.
  5. Provide adequate funds for textbooks, library books, instructional supplies, etc.
  6. Strengthen support for education through television.
  7. Provide National Defense Education Act matching funds to permit local school units to buy needed equipment.
  8. Provide adequate funds for a program of in-service education of teachers now on the job.
  9. It is recommended that educational research, including experimental programs, on both the State and the local level be strengthened materially as a basis for giving direction to school improvement.
  10. Support in the colleges and the University the teacher education programs as strongly and with as high a salary schedule as is provided for medicine, law, engineering, and agriculture.
  11. Support scholarship loan funds for teachers and administrators.
  12. Initiate a state-level program of training for local school board members. (pp. 15-18)

Note: To modernize it, substitute “digital learning” for “television” in recommendation six and “Every Student Succeeds Act” for “National Defense Education Act” in recommendation seven.