OK, I’m still totally confused.

Sources report that Greensboro City Manager Rashad Young told the City Council the city “is NOT obligated to go forward with the bonds unless the Council decides to do so.” Which tells me the council has to sign off on proposed bond projects.

OK, I thought that was pretty much what Assistant City Manager Andy Scott told the council on Dec. 15, yet Scott turns around and tells the council the information he gave them was incorrect. These statements seem mutually exclusive to me. And what about a public hearing, which Scott told the council would occur before the council voted on such projects? Do Greensboro citizens not have a say on such massive a project that would radically alter downtown?

Insanity. As things stand now, I think it’s fair to point out that I was criticized for saying that the council could should have nipped this in the bud. I’m sure more than a few people feel that way right now.

Update: Well, I’m glad to hear the city —— according to the N&R —- has cleared things up. Au contraire, the confusion has just started. That’s a scary thought.

Update 2: I realize the council could rescind the bonds, which would be a bold move for Bill Knight or Danny Thompson to make. That said, it’s hard to undo these things —witness the aquatic center. Rescinding the Dec. 15 vote is also not necessarily the same thing as opposing this particular project, though it’s a method to oppose the project. Rashad Young also says that the council will have more chances to review the project. What does this mean, and exactly what responsibility does the council have for this project that is being built within its city limits? Will there indeed be a public hearing before the council on this project?