The Asheville-Buncombe Food Policy Council is in the news. Providing more fodder for commies who want to believe America is failing, Emily Kujawa announced, “We have 104,000 individuals in this area who will experience some form of food insecurity this year, and 38,000 of those are children.” I don’t think she is talking about missing one meal here or there. I think she is talking about people in dire starvation straits, people who won’t even be able to get a handful of rice from any of the local soup kitchens – for how many days I know not. Now, consider that the 2010 Census estimated Buncombe County’s population at 238,318. For those who can’t do math, almost half of our county is in need of visioneers to develop a feeding system for them.

But, fear not. The FPC is coming to the rescue with seven clusters. Jannell Kapoor describes the group’s activities:

I come to connect and cross-pollenate with other council members. I’m truly passionate about the big picture and long-term vision of the council and am intrigued how a whole city can come together to create that vision.”

I’m halfway tempted to force the little starving children in Calcuta to rise from their fly-infested cots, get a sweatshop job, and donate like crazy for Asheville’s poor. We could call it “Adopt an Obesity Crisis Who Prefers Steak to Lobster.” I’ll let somebody else worry about the wine pairings.