Webster Enterprises will receive $165,000 from the good taxpayers of Jackson County to fund an expansion. The expansion, in turn, will create 25-30 jobs. WE is a nonprofit, something like Goodwill Industries, creating jobs for the needy.

“This is exciting!” said one official.

“It will create 7.5 more indirect and 31 induced jobs!” cried another.

“Every job funded by the private sector is actually 2/3 indirected and 1/3 induced by a government gift. Unbelievers are evil and on crack!” exclaimed a third.

“And to think Tea Partiers confuse government-funded business with socialism! The nerve of the sorry lot!” cried a fourth.

“Paying for the gifts as well as the bureaucrats who will administer them will keep taxes low!” observed a fifth.

“Let’s hold a summit so fat cats can enjoy a tax-catered lunch. Then, we can figure out how to do more of this!” bubbled a sixth.

And the economy continued to climb up and up and up to pre-WWII levels.