John Stossel‘s latest column at Human Events revisits the multiple scandals that have enveloped Bill and Hillary Clinton over the decades. Stossel wonders how the Clintons have been able to escape them all without their political careers intact.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel suggests that the Clintons must have a Scandal Manual: “The standard operating procedure never changes.”

Forty years ago, Hillary would have us believe that she wasn’t just the wife of a man running for Arkansas governor — she was a lucky or brilliant investor who in less than three weeks doubled her money. No, tripled! No, wait — quadrupled … no, actually, much more!

“Clinton made almost $100,000 in the cattle futures market,” reported Tom Brokaw, and “many wondered whether that was a sweetheart deal arranged for the governor’s wife.”

Of course it was. …

… New revelations in the book “Clinton Cash” about the Clinton Foundation accepting billions from foreign governments and people doing business with our government brought out the same “Aw, shucks” replies from the Scandal Manual.

Bill told a reporter, “I asked Hillary about this, and she said, ‘No one’s ever tried to influence me.’”

Anyway, the Foundation money went to charity. Hillary said, “I am very proud of the work the Foundation does.”

But what “work”? In 2013, a measly 9 percent of the money went to charity! Charity Navigator, the biggest charity rating service, won’t even list the Clinton Foundation in its rankings. This is repulsive. If a Republican candidate ran a charity that did that, it would be a scandal. But the Clintons must be immune.