1. I looked forward to hearing what Benjamin Netanyahu had to say today. I liked what he said about “moral clarity” and his insinuations that people can discern right from wrong and that they should appeal to what is true. We don’t get that in America.
  2. If gas prices are so low, why has the cost of an oil change doubled in recent years?
  3. The City of Asheville wants input on another multimodal street improvement project. The city received federal funding for a not-so-specific purpose.
  4. While suffering today through a lecture on markets from somebody who just assumed I wasn’t a free marketer, I had an epiphany. I’m too exhausted to prove it, but, thought I, “Any meddling of government in the economy is an unintended consequence.” That is, economists wouldn’t view it as such, but any government proposing to improve the economy by distorting it is going to have a surprise. I used the word “government” in the collective sense, because its people appear to process information in groupthink.