Both Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are full of bad advice today. How far have we sunk as a nation that we think somebody has to act like a jerk to win their party’s nomination? Why is it we suppose people must be corrupt in order to be elected? They are rare, but wise, respectable, and conscientious people bound by integrity are far from unique. So what is it about media outlets that makes their talking heads act like their listeners want a jerk to out-jerk the other jerks so he can expand executive overreach and lord it over The Wee People?

In my opinion, anybody who stoops to being snotty to win an election has lost. Anybody who has to reach across the aisle to show they don’t stand for the principles their party letter is supposed to stand for has already lost. Any voter who wants to elect the worst catastrophe to blow this whole experiment in liberty up and start over again ASAP, by hoping their fellowman live down to their expectations, has lost.