Chris Matthews brought his “Hardball” softball-lobbing cable news show to Chapel Hill to gush over John Edwards, and UNC took the opportunity to make its unrequited infatuation known nationally.

I wasn’t the only one appalled by UNC’s latest Johngasm, which as The News & Observer pointed out “was a strange mixture of public policy program, show biz and college pep rally” in which “[a] packed Memorial Hall featured the Carolina cheerleaders, mascot and pep band.”

Conservative author and “Bleeds Baby Blue” Tar Heel Bob Lee Swagger was, too:

OK, so what’s the big deal about that BobLee? Screamin’ Chris [Matthews] has all the loonie Libs on and sucks up to’em. Indeed, but does he always have … (1) The UNC Pep Band … (2) The UNC Cheerleaders … (3) Ramses The UNC Mascot. uh oh … No, he only has all those symbols of “my freakin’ alma mater” on when he sucking up to “that John Edwards” the Democratic Presidential Candidate endorsed by the “Godless gay commies” that run The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

…. And apparently for the UNC Athletic Department and South Building.

Oh, I’m quite sure Dickie and Meez “didn’t mean to offend anyone” and simply saw it as positive exposure for “the University”. I am also absolutely sure it was never approved by the UNC System Administration.