In 2009 I wrote here at Right Angles:

My wife and I pick up a roasted chicken from Costco quite often because it’s a quick meal that allows for leftovers. You get the first night’s hot meal, a few days of chicken sandwiches and then great stock-making material for soups. I just put the carcass in the freezer and boil it up the next time I make soup.

I remarked to my wife some months ago that there no reason for people to talk about hunger in America when you can buy a delicious roasted chicken for $3.99 and have it provide a meal for several people, or several days of eating for two.

Today I was heartened to find support for my notion that a Costco rotisserie chicken is about the best food buy out there. It’s by a guy trying eat on $7 a day, the amount an individual gets from food stamps:

I decided early on that I was going to buy a whole rotisserie chicken from Costco, only $4.99, and work around that for the week. There are so many ways to use up a roasted chicken, I know I won’t want for ideas, though implementing many of the hundreds of recipes may be a problem.

If he remembers to get to Costco right before closing time, he’ll find those chicken prices reduced. The only problem I see with our methodology is: How does a person forced to live only on food stamps afford the membership fee to join Costco?