I haven’t weighed in on Mark Meadows’ call to unseat John Boehner (1, 2), because I don’t know what to make of it. I value Meadows as a representative who wants to do the right thing for the Constitutional Republic. But this looked like pure politics or a publicity stunt, and I would have left it at that coming from anybody else. Meadows has been criticized, for example on Pete Kaliner’s show, for disrupting a high-amplitude Republican news cycle. Yet, it is understandable that if no motion was foreseeable on the hot topics, removing the obstacle would be the thing to do. I can appreciate the concept of picking one’s battles, but if a lot is amiss, getting everything on the table probably results in a fairer triage.

Then, there’s this agitation, which may or may not have been available to Meadows when he made his decision:

The N.C. 11th District has been poorly served during Meadows’ four years in office. He is, at best, ineffective; at worst, an expense we cannot afford,”[Rick Bryson, who just announced he will run against Meadows,] said.

It is also troubling that no short list of recommended successors was presented; tyrants have a way of taking advantage of the chaos that fills a vacuum.