Greensboro News & Record editorial writer Steven Doyle’s column starts out innocently enough—the state Division of Motor Vehicles snafu that had him living in Rockingham County when he really lived in Guilford County.

Doyle describes the process of untangling a DMV screw-up—no mean feat, mind you—but the shoe really drops:

What appears a nuisance also suggests something much more troublesome than jury duty and auto registration. This technically means I could vote in two counties!

My voter registration card says Guilford, but the database in Rockingham has me living there. I could drop two votes for a candidate I prefer, which we hear from the president on down surely happens to anyone losing an election.

Of course, I wouldn’t do that. But does this mean that next time someone wants to challenge a vote total that I might be dragged before the Board of Elections (maybe in Stokes County, for a change) and called a fraud? We know how that turned out in the 2016 governor’s race and the defamation lawsuits that are pending.

Needless to say the liberal N&R has been dismissive of any voter fraud claims, so this comes as a real shocker that one of their editorial writers would even acknowledge the possibility.