Lefties have shown an interest in a 2013 CNBC survey of business competitiveness that ranked North Carolina’s education system 15th in the nation.

Well, they are not saying much about the education subcategory.  Rather, they are focusing on the fact that North Carolina’s overall competitiveness rank dropped compared to last year’s study.  Of course, they blame Republican legislators for the overall change, but do not credit them for the state’s relatively high rank in subcategories, including work force (3rd), technology and innovation (10th), economy (13th), education (15th), access to capital (15th), business friendliness (18th), and cost of living (20th).

Frankly, I am not convinced that the study is a reliable measure of business competitiveness or any of the subcategories listed above.  Even so, expect liberals to offer parts of the report as “proof” that those mean Republican members of the General Assembly are harming the state.