• John Locke Update

    North Carolina’s COVID-19 Response: K-12 Education

    posted March 17, 2020 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    On March 14, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order that directed all public schools to close to students for at least two weeks.  He further directed the N.C.
  • Press Release

    Longer school day, year no guarantee of success

    posted July 31, 2007
    RALEIGH – North Carolina cannot fix its ailing public school systems by mandating longer school days or a longer school year. That’s the conclusion in a new John Locke Foundation…
  • Research Report

    Better Instruction, Not More Time: A longer school day and year will be North Carolina’s next education fad

    posted July 31, 2007 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    There is no consistent relationship between in-school instructional time in mathematics and a nation’s average score on an international mathematics test. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University concluded that there was no statistically significant correlation between instructional time in math, science, reading, and civics and test scores on international assessments of those subjects.

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