• Research Report

    Get Control of Medicaid: Bringing Costs Into Line Will Help State Budget

    posted February 1, 2005 by Joseph Coletti
    States have three direct policy levers to control Medicaid growth: eligibility, services, and payments. North Carolina’s mix of policies has led to some of the highest costs in the South, but the Blue Ribbon Commission on Medicaid Reform would make it even costlier. Tennessee and Mississippi, the two Southern states with higher per capita costs in 2000, have since made significant changes. Georgia and Virginia present different ways to reduce costs, while a 2001 report for the General Assembly presented largely unexploited savings.
  • Press Release

    Analyst: Get Control of Medicaid

    posted February 1, 2005
    RALEIGH — A major cause of North Carolina’s continuing budget woes is rapid growth in Medicaid spending, where the state has some of the highest expenditures in the South, according…

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