• John Locke Update

    The Constitution and Its Enemies

    posted September 19, 2019 by Jon Guze
    The title of this piece pays homage to Karl Popper’s great work of political philosophy, The Open Society and Its Enemies. Popper wrote the book during the Second World War…
  • Press Release

    Eminent domain amendment should provide real protection

    posted January 26, 2011
    Click here to view and here to listen to Daren Bakst discussing this Spotlight report. RALEIGH — Legislators should provide real property-rights protections as they pursue a constitutional…
  • Research Report

    School Choice and the North Carolina Constitution

    posted April 24, 2006 by David Roland
    In spite of our state's record of commitment to education, there continues to be a significant debate as to the most effective means of providing our children the best possible education. The one point upon which a great majority agree is that, despite substantial increases in funding, public education is not meeting the needs of students. This report presents parental school choice as a promising alternative to the educational status quo. And it will show that it is consistent with NC's historical commitment to education.
  • Press Release

    Open Season on Private Property in N.C.

    posted February 5, 2006
    RALEIGH – North Carolina’s Urban Redevelopment Law is so vague, it allows the state to seize private property with just the thinnest of excuses. That’s according to a Spotlight report…

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