• John Locke Update

    Real Economic Development in Rocky Mount

    posted June 28, 2017 by Julie Tisdale
    Over the past year, I’ve spent quite a lot of time writing about Rocky Mount’s ill-conceived event center, so when I received an invitation to a discussion about economic…
  • John Locke Update

    Rocky Mount’s Ill-Advised Community Facility Breaks Ground

    posted March 16, 2017 by Julie Tisdale
    In 2012, Rocky Mount started discussing plans for a downtown event center.  The plans were controversial, with supporters adamant that the project would bring much-needed economic revitalization to the area,…
  • Research Report

    Raleigh Convention Center: Throwing good money after bad

    posted February 12, 2012 by Kevin Munger, Dr. Michael Sanera
    This report examines 52 contracts signed by the Raleigh Convention Center for the period of July–December 2011 and is a follow-up to the September 2008 John Locke Foundation report “The New Raleigh Convention Center: A taxpayer-funded money pit.”
  • Press Release

    Raleigh to celebrate taxpayer-funded ‘money pit’

    posted September 3, 2008
    RALEIGH — Raleigh’s new downtown convention center already has offered almost $2.3 million in room rental discounts to secure convention business, including an average 58 percent discount for events scheduled…
  • Research Report

    The New Raleigh Convention Center: A taxpayer-funded money pit

    posted September 3, 2008 by Dr. Michael Sanera
    Although many Raleigh and Wake County taxpayers do not realize it, city and county officials knew from the beginning that the new Raleigh Convention Center would require taxpayers to pay for large operational losses and even pay large subsidies to organizations to use the facility. Even before the doors open on September 5, the losses and subsidies have begun to mount.
  • Press Release

    N.C. cities should avoid ‘space race’

    posted June 6, 2006
    RALEIGH – Two N.C. cities could save taxpayers from millions of dollars in unnecessary spending, by slamming the door on new convention center projects. That’s the key recommendation in a…

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