• Research Report

    City and County Issue Guide 2009

    posted April 7, 2009 by Dr. Michael Sanera, Daren Bakst, Dr. Roy Cordato
    Policymakers in the many local governments of North Carolina face a host of important challenges. This issue guide offers solutions to problems that confront North Carolinians at municipal and county levels. The common thread in these recommendations is freedom. By increasing individual freedom, local governments can foster the prosperity of all North Carolinians and keep open avenues to innovative solutions from enterprising citizens.
  • Press Release

    New JLF guide urges limits on local government action

    posted April 7, 2009
    RALEIGH — Local governments will serve their communities best through policies that limit taxes and regulation, while protecting private property from unnecessary government intrusion. Those are some key concepts driving…
  • Press Release

    N.C. price-gouging law promotes gas lines, shortages

    posted September 14, 2008
    RALEIGH — Consumers can blame North Carolina’s price-gouging law for the gas lines and shortages appearing in the wake of Hurricane Ike. That’s the assessment of a John Locke Foundation…
  • Press Release

    Agenda 2008 promotes policies that protect taxpayers

    posted August 24, 2008
    RALEIGH — North Carolina’s next General Assembly can promote freedom and prosperity by limiting government spending, rejecting policies that raise energy costs, and helping more parents make choices about their…

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