• Press Release

    New Report Gets NC Air Quality Wrong

    posted August 18, 2003
    RALEIGH — A new report by the Surface Transportation Policy Project is garnering attention from policymakers and the news media despite the fact that it “clearly misleads the public” said…
  • Research Report

    The Freedom Budget: Nine Rs for North Carolina Fiscal Responsibility

    posted March 31, 2003 by Dr. Roy Cordato, Don Carrington, John Hood
    North Carolina faces significant fiscal and economic challenges over the next two years. But it need not resort to higher taxes, a state-run lottery, higher debt, or gimmickry to balance its budget. Nor does North Carolina need to skimp on crucial needs such as education and highways. By setting firm priorities within state government, eliminating unnecessary or duplicative programs, and charging users of some services a reasonable price, state leaders can generate sufficient savings to invest in the future needs of the state.

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