• Research Report

    First Annual North Carolina County Privatization Survey

    posted November 9, 2011 by Kevin Munger, Dr. Michael Sanera
    County governments all over North Carolina are saving money by privatizing services. In an effort to assist in the exchange of information about these activities, the John Locke Foundation conducted a survey of all 100 counties asking county managers to tell us about governmental activities that they currently supply privately. We also asked them if they had problems in the past with a privatized activity that had caused them to return the activity to government provision.
  • Press Release

    JLF analyst offers blueprint for annexation reform

    posted December 15, 2008
    RALEIGH — Four major reforms are critical for North Carolina to get rid of forced annexation, according to a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report. The changes would help…
  • Research Report

    Billion-Dollar Tax Hike: Legislative Leaders Consider Spend and Tax Mash-Up?

    posted December 6, 2006 by Joseph Coletti
    Legislative leaders may be planning a nearly billion-dollar tax hike. The state would take one cent of the sales tax from counties and offer them the option to increase the local sales tax by one cent. To make the trade palatable, legislators would stop charging counties for 15 percent of Medicaid, offer an earned income tax credit for low-income workers, and cut the corporate income tax rate. Counties would also have more responsibility and flexibility in funding school and road construction. Legislators should look for savings in the state budget to pay for schools, roads, and Medicaid before passing the cost to taxpayers.
  • Press Release

    Deal would raise N.C. taxes nearly $1 billion

    posted December 6, 2006
    RALEIGH – Legislative leaders might try to use sleight of hand and a series of political deals to raise taxes by nearly $1 billion. That’s the conclusion of a new…
  • Press Release

    Counties’ Medicaid Mandate a Burden

    posted November 21, 2005
    RALEIGH — North Carolina is the only state in the nation that requires counties to pay a fixed percentage of Medicaid costs. The General Assembly’s own Blue Ribbon Commission on…
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    Carve the Medicaid Turkey: State Should Eliminate County Share of Medicaid in Five Years

    posted November 20, 2005 by Joseph Coletti
    North Carolina is the only state in which counties pay a fixed percentage of Medicaid costs. Counties have no control over how they spend up to 15 percent of their general fund budget and 39 percent of their property tax revenues. Six counties spend more on Medicaid than on education. Program expansions and higher medical costs have pushed Medicaid’s share of county budgets up an average of 18 percent in five years. The General Assembly should act on the recommendation of its own Blue Ribbon Commission on Medicaid Reform to cap and reduce what counties must contribute to Medicaid.
  • Research Report

    By The Numbers 2005: What Government Costs in North Carolina Cities and Counties

    posted January 15, 2005 by Michael Lowrey
    County and municipal governments provide many key services while taking in billions in revenue. Their roles grow ever greater as state government shifts more taxing power to localities to make up for money kept by the state. Still, finding comparative data is hard. That's why this report provides information of how much local government costs in every city and county in NC.

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