• Press Release

    New guide helps people sift through harmful planning jargon

    posted March 14, 2010
    RALEIGH — Government planners distort terms such as “affordable housing” and “stakeholders” to attack basic individual freedoms. That’s a key message a John Locke Foundation expert sends with the new…
  • Research Report

    Highways and Sprawl in North Carolina

    posted September 24, 2003 by Dr. David Hartgen
    This study carefully reviews the growth of North Carolina’s 1551 Census tracts during the 1990s compared with the locations of major road improvements. Tract data on changes in population, demographics, prior density, and location are merged with detailed data on 312 major road projects completed during the 1990s, and the relationships between road investments and growth are determined for each of the 12 commuting regions.

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