• Press Release

    Stars and Cars

    posted August 3, 2005
    RALEIGH — Two Northeastern North Carolina economic development projects seeking more than $8 million from the state’s General Fund will do little to reverse the region’s economic misfortunes, according to…
  • Press Release

    Incentives Lawsuit Would Boost Economy

    posted June 22, 2005
    RALEIGH – A lawsuit filed Thursday by the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law offers the prospect of scaling back state incentive policies that hinder rather than hasten economic development,…
  • Research Report

    Government Costs Grow: NC to Spend Over $4,000 per Person in FY2006-07

    posted May 10, 2005 by Joseph Coletti
    The budget proposals from the senate and governor return North Carolina to a path of rapid spending growth. Education and Medicaid continue to expand, but economic development joins them as an important growth area. Government spending on a per capita basis retreated after Fiscal Year 1999-2000, but will be 28 percent higher in FY2006-07 than it was in FY2002-03.
  • Research Report

    The Best Incentives: Targeted policies fail while tax rates, services matter

    posted December 7, 2003 by John Hood
    The North Carolina General Assembly is returning to Raleigh for a special session on economic development. Rather than rush to push targeted tax credits and incentives for a few, lawmakers should pursue a broader examination of the factors under their control that really influence state economic growth. The wrong direction is to enact any set of policies that increase the state bureaucracy or the ranks of lobbyists seeking to arrange special “deals” for their industrial clients.

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