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    Clearing the Air in North Carolina: Pollution Myths and Realities

    posted August 30, 2004 by Joel Schwartz
    Just as North Carolina was on the verge of full compliance with EPA’s original ozone air pollution requirements, the standards were changed. In April 2004, most of the state once again was out of compliance. Policymakers and business leaders worry whether the state can meet the new federal requirements and avoid imposed limits on economic development and loss of federal transportation funds.
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    “State of the Air” Ranking for NC Worthless

    posted April 29, 2003
    RALEIGH — As the American Lung Association prepares to release its annual State of the Air report, including county rankings that often receive significant media attention, a new study from…
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    Ground-Level Ozone: Myth, Facts, and Politics

    posted March 30, 2003 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    Ground-level ozone, often referred to as smog, is front and center on the policy agenda of environmental groups and legislators at all levels of government. Over the past several years, high-profile studies published by the American Lung Association, the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) and the Clean Air Network (a consortium of environmental advocacy groups) have claimed that ozone is having a severe impact on public health, both nationwide and in North Carolina. These reports have gotten a great deal of media attention but very little media scrutiny.
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    Global Warming Regs Would Cost NC Dearly

    posted March 25, 2003
    RALEIGH — A statewide program to reduce greenhouse gases to levels required by the United Nation’s Kyoto Protocol on global warming would likely cost North Carolina households an average of…
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    Study Finds No Ozone-Asthma Link

    posted October 24, 2002
    RALEIGH — There is no foundation for a widely suggested link between ground-level ozone, or “smog,” and asthma among children, according to a new study by the John Locke Foundation…
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    Check The Facts Next Time: Asserted Ozone-Asthma Link Has No Foundation

    posted October 15, 2002 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    Summary: During debates about air pollution in North Carolina, supporters of more regulation have asserted that high rates of childhood asthma are related to increasing exposure to ground-level ozone. Not only has there been no such increase, but a new study shows there is, if anything, an inverse correlation — the higher the ozone level, the lower the asthma rate. Next time, lawmakers and the media should check the facts before repeating unfounded and politically motivated allegations.
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    Consumers to Pay More

    posted April 24, 2002
    RALEIGH — The “concept” announced today by Gov. Mike Easley and legislative leaders for the proposed Clean Smokestacks Bill would effectively impose hundreds of millions of dollars a year in…
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    Smart Growth Isn’t Smart

    posted August 30, 1999
    RALEIGH — Policies associated with the “Smart Growth” movement would be disastrous for North Carolina communities, according to a new report released today by the John Locke Foundation. Smart Growth…

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