• Press Release

    Study Shows US, NC Road Trends

    posted March 21, 2005
    RALEIGH — The federal US highway program passed in 1998 has resulted in a substantial improvement in overall road conditions but at considerable cost, according to a report released today…
  • Research Report

    TEA-21’s Impact: Performance of State Highway Systems 1984-2003

    posted March 20, 2005 by Dr. David Hartgen
    TEA-211, the federal US transportation program passed in 1998, resulted in a substantial improvement in overall road performance but at considerable cost, according to the 14th annual review of state highways by Professor David T. Hartgen, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  • Press Release

    NC Wasted Billions on Road Projects

    posted October 5, 2004
    RALEIGH – North Carolina should fund repairs of its deteriorating state highways not with new taxes but by ending wasteful road projects, according to a comprehensive new report from the…
  • Press Release

    NC Road Conditions Among Worst in US

    posted February 9, 2004
    RALEIGH — North Carolina’s state-maintained highways now rank among the worst in the nation in such areas as pavement condition and urban congestion according to the findings of a new…
  • Press Release

    Examining Roads and Sprawl in NC

    posted September 28, 2003
    RALEIGH — Contrary to the belief of many city planners and public officials in North Carolina, highway projects do not play a large role in determining the amount and nature…

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