• John Locke Update

    Leandro and the Financial Impact of Charter Schools on Districts

    posted September 11, 2019 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    “North Carolina District Schools Are Thriving Fiscally Alongside Charter-School Growth” is a new peer-reviewed article published in the journal Political Economy in the Carolinas. Dr. Erik Root, an executive with the Roger Bacon…
  • Research Report

    Elective Surgery: Budget deficits require elected officials to reassess course offerings

    posted February 13, 2011 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    North Carolina needs a thorough review of the number and types of courses offered in its public schools, especially during tight budget times. There is no evidence that school districts or the state has conducted an audit of the costs and outcomes or elective courses. A statewide curriculum audit would be a sound way to reduce costs and refocus our curriculum on the core skills that many of our public school students so desperately need.
  • Research Report

    Equity in School Finance: Contrary to Myth, District Funding Varies Little

    posted December 22, 2004 by John Hood
    During the 2005 session, state lawmakers are expected to take up the issue of how to comply with court rulings in the Leandro case. It is important to discard widespread misperceptions. First, Leandro does not require taxpayers to spend more money on public education. Second, public-school funding does not differ significantly across counties when all spending is included. Third, the small gap that remains is shrinking, not growing, and is unlikely to explain differences in student outcomes. Finally, local funds are a reasonable way to compensate for elevated labor costs in counties with high housing prices.
  • Press Release

    Myths Persist on Leandro, Schools

    posted December 22, 2004
    RALEIGH — Lawmakers are reportedly planning to discuss an expensive state program next year to respond to state court decisions in the Leandro case, but many appear to be operating…

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