• Press Release

    Jindal to help JLF mark 19th anniversary

    posted December 28, 2008
    RALEIGH — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a “rising star” in conservative politics, will deliver the featured remarks Feb. 4 during the John Locke Foundation’s 19th anniversary celebration in Raleigh. “We’re…
  • Press Release

    Think Tank Extends Southeastern NC Initiative

    posted November 3, 2005
    RALEIGH – This fall, the John Locke Foundation announced plans to bring its trademark array of research programs, publications, and events to Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina. Now area residents…
  • Press Release

    “Name That Boondoggle” Contest Begins

    posted August 31, 2005
    CHARLOTTE – Taxes, schools, crime, traffic congestion – these are just some the issues at the forefront of public debate in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and many surrounding communities. They will…
  • Press Release

    Incentives Lawsuit Would Boost Economy

    posted June 22, 2005
    RALEIGH – A lawsuit filed Thursday by the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law offers the prospect of scaling back state incentive policies that hinder rather than hasten economic development,…
  • Press Release

    Report Probes Economics of Lobbying Reform

    posted May 8, 2005
    RALEIGH – Entrepreneurs, investors, and the vast majority of business leaders in North Carolina have little to fear from proposed lobbying reforms, according to a new report from the John…
  • Research Report

    Budgetary Rent Control: Why taxpayers should care about lobbying reform

    posted May 8, 2005 by John Hood
    A broad coalition of lawmakers and policy groups favors fundamental changes in NC lobbying laws to require more disclosure, create "cooling off periods" before former officeholders can lobby, and restrict the value of personal gifts to public officials. Still, reformers are overlooking an important issue: the role that special-interest lobbying plays in distorting fiscal policy and stunting economic growth.
  • Press Release

    Alternative State Budget Released

    posted May 1, 2005
    RALEIGH — As the North Carolina Senate prepared to release elements of a spending plan for 2005-07, the John Locke Foundation offered its own alternative Monday that avoids any new…

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