• Press Release

    NC House Budget Isn’t “Timely”

    posted April 16, 2003
    RALEIGH — The North Carolina House has moved with uncharacteristic speed to devise a budget plan for the 2003-05 biennium, but a preliminary analysis by the John Locke Foundation questions…
  • Press Release

    North Carolina Politics Nears Parity

    posted November 7, 2002
    RALEIGH — A preliminary analysis of state and local results from North Carolina’s 2002 elections suggests that North Carolina is continuing its move toward political parity, said John Hood, president…
  • Press Release

    House 2002-03 Budget Plan “Rickety”

    posted August 5, 2002
    RALEIGH — A proposed $14.3 billion budget revision now being debated in the North Carolina House relies primarily on tax increases, revenue enhancements and one-time savings to eliminate the state…

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