• Press Release

    Forum to Discuss Academic Freedom, Teacher Training

    posted October 17, 2002
    RALEIGH — How far do free speech rights extend on university campuses primarily funded by taxpayers? How should North Carolina’s teachers be trained to meet the educational challenges of the…
  • Press Release

    Easley, Legislature Attract Little Support in Poll

    posted October 16, 2002
    RALEIGH — With pivotal legislative elections just weeks away, likely voters in North Carolina are critical of recent actions by Gov. Mike Easley and the General Assembly on taxes, local…
  • Research Report

    Check The Facts Next Time: Asserted Ozone-Asthma Link Has No Foundation

    posted October 15, 2002 by Dr. Roy Cordato
    Summary: During debates about air pollution in North Carolina, supporters of more regulation have asserted that high rates of childhood asthma are related to increasing exposure to ground-level ozone. Not only has there been no such increase, but a new study shows there is, if anything, an inverse correlation — the higher the ozone level, the lower the asthma rate. Next time, lawmakers and the media should check the facts before repeating unfounded and politically motivated allegations.
  • Press Release

    Legislature Creates Large Tax Hike

    posted September 19, 2002
    RALEIGH — Gov. Mike Easley and the state legislature have approved a revised budget for the current fiscal year that will likely result in hundreds of millions of dollars in…
  • Press Release

    Lottery, Tax Hike Lose in Tuesday Voting

    posted September 10, 2002
    RALEIGH — Delays may have put North Carolina lawmakers in the unfamiliar position of facing primary challengers in the midst of a legislative session, but candidates’ attempts to use support…
  • Press Release

    “Agenda 2002 Tour” Begins Sept. 3

    posted August 25, 2002
    RALEIGH — Policy analysts from the John Locke Foundation will discuss taxes, the state budget, property rights, education, the state’s economy, and other key issues this election season in a…
  • Press Release

    House 2002-03 Budget Plan “Rickety”

    posted August 5, 2002
    RALEIGH — A proposed $14.3 billion budget revision now being debated in the North Carolina House relies primarily on tax increases, revenue enhancements and one-time savings to eliminate the state…
  • Press Release

    Report: Don’t Offer Socialism to Capitalists

    posted August 4, 2002
    RALEIGH — A Spotlight published today by the John Locke Foundation used the term “socialism for capitalists” to describe a bill proposed by the Easley administration to offer new cash…
  • Press Release

    Consumers to Pay More

    posted April 24, 2002
    RALEIGH — The “concept” announced today by Gov. Mike Easley and legislative leaders for the proposed Clean Smokestacks Bill would effectively impose hundreds of millions of dollars a year in…

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